Master Your Message Workshop

1-on-1 all day workshop

It's taking tools that you can reuse and then have something that you can put out there and promote your product and service's not like other workshops you've been to.

It's not like other workshops

Christina Lord, Energy Leadership Coach

Image and Copy Workshop

Stop guessing with your messaging and get a method that works.

Aligning words and photos to help you confidently sell your next big idea isn't rocket science...but it's got your stumped. Let's fix that with reusable frameworks and strategies the puts the focus on your ideal customer and the problem you solve. With a plan for creating words that sell and images that align, you're next irresistible offer is going to practically sell itself.

You'll master...

Identifying what your ideal client needs to hear to say "yes!"

putting testimonials  to work throughout your copy

how to sift sales copy from the voice of your customer

how to communicate your marketing message without words  

crafting your own photo plan for every product or service you sell

how to create images that get to the heart of your sales messaging

with repeatable Copy and Photo frameworks

We're not teaching AIDA. And this isn't a photography workshop.

You can learn all that on YouTube and with AI.

We're showing business owners like you how you can create an aligned message that reveals what your next customer needs to see and read to say yes to your next offer. 

Mind-reading, Clickable Copy

You'll cut  through the FLUFF of warm-up words with tools that show you how to cut right to attention-grabbing sales copy from the Voice of Customer data.  We'll cover the psychology of page layout, what they REALLY mean when "they" say sales funnel, and why you don't need a crystal ball to write mind-reading copy. You just need a repeatable set of tools.

Sales copy crafting

Images That Speak Volumes

Get your message, brand, and images aligned to make a deep impact on your ideal client. You'll go on a journey to design and create a concept for your next big offer. You'll know how to keep building on image and message so every time you step forward with something new, you can repeat this process. 

Communicating with Images

The last two months have been  my best two months in business for Wills because I've took this approach and move forward with it...Just do the course. 

My best two months in business

Brian Thomson, Will Guys




Full day of focus on up to 4 offers/services

one-on-one focus with photographer and copywriter


Mini-brand shoot with Lauren on day 

Further 1 hour with your copy, 1-on-1

i want all your attention

i'm okay with sharing.

Payment Plans Avail 

Workbook with reusable frameworks

Your testimonial database and tools to strategically use them in your copy and brand

Digitally delivered frameworks for future use

Messaging for your next big offer or revisions on existing messaging

Strategic photography planner that delivers your message

ChatGPT prompts for organising and understanding your Voice of Customer

Strategies for soliciting more insightful Voice of Customer

Lunch and refreshments are included as well as a cheeky drink at a local happy hour to celebrate all you've accomplished!

Take Home:

And of course you get a tote bag!

Banish your dread of marketing your service or product. We'll show you how to break it down into easy-to-manage steps and concepts that you can take with you.