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done in a day

And you're exhausted.
You don't have the time or energy to
  •     Plan schedules
  •     Manage delays in deliverables   
  •     Summon the will to live through a barrage of calls, check-ins, reviews, messages, back-and-forth emails, endless opinions....
All the usual that comes with working with a freelance copywriter.
Just thinking about coordinating it all is giving you "the ick".

Skip it.
No waitlist. No delays. No teeth gnashing required.

You get to gleefully skip to the front of the queue for a solid day of focus on just your project.

That's 5+ years of UX and Conversion Copy experience focused 100% on you,
your goals, and your deliverables.

It's like drinking straight from the juice carton and not getting caught. (I promise not to tell.)

Your deadline was last week.

Concentrated conversion

Her writing is persuasive and powerful and always on point with my clients’ needs. She delivers results that drive sales and make me look like a marketing genius.

My go to copywriter

Randee Black, Relic Marketing

She took time to understand EXACTLY what I wanted so there was very little to do from my side. So efficient, she made my life easier!

Understood what I wanted

Pinky Ghadiali, NetWomen and Mindset by Pinky

loosely laid out for optimal conversion to make moving from Google Docs to digital smooth for your team.

All deliverables come...

What I can get done in one day

Stop selling products and services. Start selling a better version of the future.

Product/Service page

"Ugly Jerry" principles in full effect along with a catchy FAQ

Pricing Page

Message matching and following the rule of one from start to finish.

Landing page 

Amplify your message with the power of conversion frameworks.

homepage revamp

what can get done in a day

Done-in-a-Day Copy

Get your copy project done, dusted, and converting browsers to buyers in just one day.


I need converting copy yesterday.

Step 1

Book a Done-In-A-Day Kick-off Call.

Fill me in on your goals via the questionnaire so that we’re both prepped for your copy day!

Step 3

and relax.

It's just me, your copy project, and a big pot of coffee. No calls, no interruptions, and no distractions from the outside world.

Step 2

Let’s talk
brass tacks.

We’ll have a 60 min chat to make sure our visions are aligned for the day.

Step 4

It’s in
your Inbox!

Delivered before the stroke of midnight with an explainer video. You have all day to submit changes that will be managed before 3pm the following day

Step 5


Our job is done here. We'll discuss any changes made throughout the day and chat through copy decisions...done and done.

How to get converting copy in just one day

How to get converting copy in just one day

Very “partner-like” from literally the get-go. She is exactly what I look for when hiring freelancers. Her understanding of top, middle, and bottom of funnel copy makes it easy to go from brief to final draft without delay.

exactly what i look for 

Rodney Leadingham, Marketing Dir at NAMMBA

Perfect for when...

  • You need copy that sells, like, NOW.
  • You know who your audience or ideal client is
  • You want to try me out before bringing a whole project to the table
  • Your budget isn’t gonna let you stretch for a big project right away

get it done

  • You don’t really know who your client is or why they should buy from you
  • You want a wireframe that you can deliver to your site designer
  • You have a BOAT LOAD of copy projects that you want off your hands and into someone else’s lap

Not quite if...

We should talk

Sometimes you just have a funky payment schedule and need to stretch things out...or you have a client that always comes to you last minute and you just don't have the bandwidth to snap to it.  I have your back. 

Managing revisions

After our copy review, I’m out.

If you want to make changes to the copy or suggestions, please check the copy before our Last Call. I will try to resolve all comments left in Google Docs prior to our call.

The final call is not an editing session. It is an opportunity for me to explain why I did what I did and answer questions that you have about implementation.

You can book an additional time for edits for £275. This is a 2-hour concentrated session that is dedicated to resolving your corrections and notes within Google Docs. 

NOPE. That is the beauty of this service. It’s literally a kick-off call and a hand-off call. That’s it.

I do offer more hands on approach for clients who like to dig in. I offer  workshops and full project services as well. If that is more your speed, I encourage you to check-out what’s on offer on my services page. I on the call with you all day?

What does your calendar look like?

When you book your Done-In-A-Day Kick-off Call, you’ll get a link to my calendar so you can see what is available. I only offer a few Done-in-a-Day services every month, so book as early as you can.

I try to keep these calls to Friday and Monday Afternoons, that way I can get you copy before next Friday’s looming deadline and you can have a peaceful weekend knowing that you have your project under control.

Here are some other FAQs about this service...

Yep. You can book a day a month until your project is DONE.

More questions? 
Get answers.

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Done-in-a-Day Copy

Get your copy project done, dusted,
and converting browsers to buyers in just one day.


I need converting copy yesterday.

Marie increased her sales over 10K with Conversion Copywriting...for her quilting business.