You've got big ideas, but somehow they aren't coming out right on the page. Let's break down what's working, what isn't, and move you forward on making more sales. 

Get you ideas out of your head and onto the page.

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Get out of your head

You've murdered a few forests worth of paper trying to sort out service packages, pricing, values, offers, what you want to say or even what makes you unique and you're so over it. 

If someone says the acronym "USP" to you one more time....

Don't worry...we'll get through this together.

You are 4 hours away from having your product/service offering figured out.

And you'll have a repeatable process that you can use to keep on creating downright irresistible offers, over and over again.

The hush-hush, not so secret seret? Great copy that sells is assembled, not written. And I am going to show you how to assemble your next great offer using frameworks that get to the root of the problem your customers are trying to solve with your offer. 

You've got a lot on your mind, but no way to know how to put it together.

Concentrated conversion

Her writing is persuasive and powerful and always on point with my clients’ needs. She delivers results that drive sales and make me look like a marketing genius.

My go to copywriter

Randee Black, Relic Marketing

She took time to understand EXACTLY what I wanted so there was very little to do from my side. So efficient, she made my life easier!

Understood what I wanted

Pinky Ghadiali, NetWomen and Mindset by Pinky

Completely bespoke to what you want to accomplish during our 4 hours together. 
You will always get a polished version of what we worked on together delivered digitally.

Your Deliverables are...

What can we cover in 4 hours?

Creating a new way of capturing customer sentiment that you can actually use. Let's get you some testimonials with meat on their bones.

capturing voice of customer 

Revamping a home page or sales page to better address the things then need to hear to say yes.

adjusting page layout for max impact

How to categorise and use customer feedback in a way that let's them sell for you on every page of your site/offer

testimonial strategy

Sort and clarify your offers in a way that demonstrates how your solution is a cure to your ideal client's problem.

Package/offer clarity

what can we do in 4 hours?

business name exploration | drafting branding documents | pricing offers | defining packages | understanding client sentiment | how to understand modalities and "funnels"

4 hours to dig deeper into 

Call to Clarity 4 Hour Workshop

Get clear on the ideas and strategies you have buzzing around in your head.


I want to get it figured out already!

Step 1

Book in a Discovery Call.

We'll chat about your goals for the workshop over 15 minutes to see if this is a good fit for you.

Step 3

and Drafting

I'll need a day to polish up what we covered during our time together as well as put planning for next steps.

Step 2

Set the Workshop Date and Time

Delivered digitally or in person, we'll work together for the 4 hour time frame, tackling each idea as we go along

How are we going to work this out?

How to get converting copy in just one day

Very “partner-like” from literally the get-go. She is exactly what I look for when hiring freelancers. Her understanding of top, middle, and bottom of funnel copy makes it easy to go from brief to final draft without delay.

exactly what i look for 

Rodney Leadingham, Marketing Dir at NAMMBA

Perfect for when...

  • You've been told you should be packaging your services but you have no idea how to do that
  • You have clients but want to make getting more easier for yourself.
  • You're a marketing professional whose client needs more coaching than you have bandwidth for.

Let's talk

Not quite if...

We should talk

I've had clients who just wanted to work on their offers as well as clients who needed a who page overhaul because they didn't really know what their message was anymore. I've even stepped in for marketing agencies who just didn't have the bandwidth to help their client fall in love with their messaging.

There can be copy at the end

Depending on what we are working on that day, you can walk away with a rough draft of copy for your offer, you home page, or even how to draft a testimonial request that leaves you with client feed back that is more effective than "we are over the moon" or "it was stunning".

Everything we work on together is going to be based on the testimonials your currently have at hand. If you don't have any, we'll work on getting you some before we meet. We need to know what your customers are saying so that instead of guessing at solving their problems, we KNOW what problems you are solving with your services. If you are cleaning houses, you aren't just cleaning are saving relationships! 

What kind of homework are you going to give me?

Can I meet with you? Or is this only available online?

When you book your discovery call, we'll discuss what will work better for the both of us. If you are in NE England, I will happily come to see you and work with you one-on-one. If the distances are further, I am happy to discuss travel, but find that working with Zoom or Goolge Meets works well for these kinds of workshops.

Here are some other FAQs about this service...

Yep. You can choose how you spend your 4 hour workshop.

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Call to Clarity 4 Hour Workshop

Get clear on the ideas and strategies you have buzzing around in your head.


I want to get it figured out already!